Daniela Steinsapir

Fellowship Supported by Adobe Creative Technologies Lab

Daniela Steinsapir is an artist from Chile whose recent research focuses on the design of interactive educational tools, and in studying how new technologies are improving family communication by empowering seniors and children. Her work takes a variety of different forms—from user interface design, to interactive video installation, to electro-mechanical sculptures—each of which incorporates different found objects and technologies. Her approach is informed by her studies at the Learning, Design, and Technology Master’s Program at Stanford University. Daniela’s Fellowship proposal is focused on developing new approaches for cross-generational collaborative communication platforms.

Steinsapir will be looking at developing new approaches for cross-generational collaborative communication platforms touching, family communication, storytelling & creative expression.  Steinsapir, is an artist, user experience designer/researcher, educator and technologist. Her recent Stanford studies have been focused on the design of interactive educational tools, and in researching how new technologies are improving family communication, by empowering seniors and children. For many years Daniela has been using design thinking, which emphasizes, need finding, ideation, rapid prototyping, and user testing to create meaningful user centered design projects. She has been active in the tech community as a user experience designer/researcher/strategy for multiple iOS. Steinsapir believes mobile technologies can be instrumental in bridging the gaps among the generations by connecting geographically separated families through an emotional mind stimulating collaborative practice, that is mutually beneficial for both parties. 

Innovation Challenge 
Throughout human history the sharing of stories has served to entertain, teach customs, and establish cultural and familial identity. How can mobile apps enhance connective experiences, such as storytelling, across generations?

Daniela Steinsapir's Project description for ZERO1 Fellowship/x
Daniela is an artist from Chile currently based in San Francisco. During the past year she immersed herself at the Adobe Creative Technology’s Lab and developed a new messaging app, SparkChat. Her research brought to light that young people desire a new creative communication tool because the current standard texting and social media formats are not personal enough; whereas teens are eager for a more personal, customizable, creative and emotional experience to stand out and stay connected. SparkChat addresses this need.

With the user as its central component, SparkChat uses custom technology to extract relevant data input from the fragmented stories of our lives - as already stored on our personal phones, social networking sites, cloud applications etc. - to spark the quality and emotional value of our existing daily conversations. Through topic detection, mood detection and message carts, the new app suggests message feeds based on social context, preferences and emotional timbre. The personal is re-introduced to interpersonal interaction, for example, by replacing standard emoticons with ones own facial expressions to serve in the exact same function. Another example is the pop up of content-relevant, popular and/or trending imagery to potentially illustrate shared experiences from the past, instantly creating increased connection in the present. The result is a new way of messaging communication and a patent application is underway.