Meet the ZERO1 Fellows

Cecilia Galiena

Fellowship Sponsored by Christensen Fund

Originally from Italy, Cecilia Galiena is a San Francisco-based artist with a background in psychology and journalism whose projects combine traditional knowledge, creative thinking and on-the-ground problem solving in order to advance social change. Her Fellowship proposal is focused on establishing an online hub that connects social practice artists, social justice NGOs, cultural institutions, and arts and social justice funders and includes a database of past and present social practice projects. Her initial concentration will be on Intellectual Property Rights and Indigenous People and how they are seeking to make intellectual property serve a...Read more

Daniela Steinsapir

Fellowship Supported by Adobe Creative Technologies Lab

Daniela Steinsapir is an artist from Chile whose recent research focuses on the design of interactive educational tools, and in studying how new technologies are improving family communication by empowering seniors and children. Her work takes a variety of different forms—from user interface design, to interactive video installation, to electro-mechanical sculptures—each of which incorporates different found objects and technologies. Her approach is informed by her studies at the Learning, Design, and Technology Master’s Program at Stanford University. Daniela’s Fellowship proposal is focused on developing new approaches for cross-generational...Read more

Paula Levine

Fellowship Supported by Google Inc.

Paula Levine is a Canadian-American artist whose work uses locative and mobile media to bridge global and local. Her current work uses locative media, maps and the web to collapse the safety of distance and visualize the impact of distant geopolitical events in local terms. Her work examines the space between information and experience by using networks, public spaces and mobile tools to build cross-cultural and geopolitical intimacy. Her proposed Fellowship project will address how locative, mobile technologies and wireless networks diminish distances between the impact of political trauma, dislocation or upheaval in one location, and other areas untouched by...Read more

Simon Geilfus of ANTIVJ

Fellowship Supported by City of San Jose Public Art Program
additional support from KDDI Group and residency support from the Montalvo Arts Center.

ANTIVJ is a visual label initiated by a group of European artists fascinated by the use of projected/emitted light and its influence on perception. ANTIVJ artists have been recognized as leaders in their field, developing a very personal approach to video mapping projection, and being invited to create work all around the world. By developing their own tools they can create content that would not be possible otherwise, and also to face technical problems when industry standards softwards do not...Read more