Camille Utterback

Text Rain,1999
by Camille Utterback & Romy Achituv
Courtesy of Haines Gallery, San Francisco
Patent No. US 6747666
Method and system for facilitating wireless, full-body, real-time user interaction with Camille Utterback & Romy Achituv

Falling text from ‘Talk, You’ by Evan Zimroth published in "Dead, Dinner, or Naked poems by Evan Zimroth" TriQuarterly Books, Northwestern University Press, 1993, used with permission.  

Years before the release of the Nintendo Wii (2006) and Kinect for Xbox 360 (2010), Utterback and Achituv invented an interactive display system that allows users to manipulate a projected image within a virtual environment. Text Rain, the artwork that generated their patent, is an installation in which participants use the familiar instrument of their bodies to lift and play with falling letters that do not exist in physical space. The letters respond to the participants’ motions, which appear in black and white in the video projection, and over time collect to form lines from a poem about bodies and language.


About the Artists

Camille Utterback
b. Bloomington, IN; lives in San Francisco, CA
Camille Utterback is an internationally acclaimed artist whose interactive installations and reactive sculptures engage participants in a dynamic process of kinesthetic discovery and play. Her work has been exhibited at galleries, festivals, and museums internationally and awards include the MacArthur Foundation Fellowship (2009) and Transmediale International Media Art Festival Award (2005). Recently completed public commissions include works for the City of San Jose (2010), and the City of Sacramento (2011).

Romy Achituv
b. Rome, Italy; lives in the U.S., Israel and South Korea
Romy Achituv is an interdisciplinary artist and educator whose work engages issues of representation, language, time, and memory. Underlying his practice is an interest in the dynamics of spectatorship and interaction, with a particular focus on projects that explore the implementation of digitally inspired paradigms in physical media and physical environments. He is currently a visiting research professor at HongIk University, South Korea. Exhibitions include: Media City Seoul Biennale (2012); and The Venice Biennale of Architecture (2008).


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