Phil Ross

Mycotectural Polyominoes, 2013
by Phil Ross
Patent Pending
Method for Producing Fungus Structures

Phil Ross has invented a patent pending method for growing organically derived building materials, primarily from fungus. He calls this new field “Mycotecture,” or the use of mushrooms in building. Mycotectural Polyominoes is a new series that combines fungal molded shapes made from reishi mushrooms with more typical building materials, such as two-by-fours. The resulting sculptures are organic, sustainable, non-toxic, and pound-for-pound stronger than concrete. Based on decades of research tied to his art and academic practice, Ross filed for a patent in 2011 as a defensive move to ensure that he could continue his work without fear of lawsuits from corporations seeking ownership of related technologies.

About the Artist

Phil Ross
b. New York, NY; lives in San Francisco, CA
Phil Ross is an artist, curator, and academic whose research based artworks and events place natural systems within a frame of social and historic contexts. He has received commissions from The Exploratorium and Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, and is an assistant professor in the Department of Art and Architecture at the University of San Francisco. Exhibitions include: Ars Electronica (2012, 2008); the Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University (2012); and the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (2008).


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