ZERO1 First Friday with REWORK_ (Philip Glass Remixed) App

Join us for February's South First Fridays at the ZERO1 Garage featuring Ahna Girshick from Snibbe Studio sharing their newly released interactive app REWORK_ (Philip Glass Remixed). Talk at 7:30pm followed by participatory demo.

REWORK_ features eleven “music visualizers” that take the remixed tracks and create interactive visuals that range from futuristic three-dimensional landscapes to shattered multicolored crystals, and vibrating sound waves. People can lean back and enjoy REWORK_ end to end, or they can touch and interact with the visualizers to create their own visual remixes.

The REWORK_ album is a collaboration between Philip Glass and Beck, and includes remixes by Beck, Tyondai Braxton, Amon Tobin, Cornelius, Dan Deacon, Johann Johannsson, Nosaj Thing, Memory Tapes, Silver Alert, Pantha du Prince, My Great Ghost and Peter Broderick.

In addition to the visualizers, the app includes the “Glass Machine” which lets people create music inspired by Philip Glass’ early work by simply sliding two discs around side-by-side, almost like turntables. People can select different instruments – from synthesizer to piano, and generate polyrhythmic counterpoints between the two melodies. Get more information and check out the making of REWORK_ here.

Bring your iPad (or use one of ours) to use the "Glass Machine" to control the music in iLounge!

Date: Friday, February 1, 2013
Where: ZERO1 Garage
439 South 1st Street, San Jose 95113
When: 7:00pm-10:00pm, talk at 7:30pm

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