The Cooperative Gaming Coop looks both backwards and forwards, into the legacy of gaming and its possible future. The Golden Age of Video Games provided us with this public social space in which to interact, debate, commune and compete with friends and strangers alike.

Come learn how the arcade cabinet became the interface, the context, and the marketing agent for the games contained within it. Explore these curated cabinets that bring together interesting works from a variety of sources including the Game Developers Club from SJSU. 

Learn about the tools used to build the arcade cabinets and play some fun quirky games. Additionally we invite people of all ages to visit the “Coop Swap” where you can trade games, both old and new, bring the games you made to trade, and even those old much loved titles. Engage your neighbors, share stories.

South First Fridays takes place downtown in San Jose's SoFA District (& beyond). Check out the other venues and exhibitions here