Post-Natural Properties: The Art of Patented Life Forms

Join us for a discussion led by artists Phil Ross and Rich Pell related to genomics, genetics and other areas of the life sciences. Post Natural refers to living organisms that have been altered through processes such as genetic bleeding. Both artists hold a strong interest in biology and experimentation. Come to the ZERO1 Garage and hear Ross and Pell speak about their research, examination, and emerging techonologies around new life forms. 

Date: Thursday, October 17th
Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm
Location: ZERO1 Garage
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The Patent Pending Talk series has been generously supported by DLA Piper and is a partner program with the San Jose Museum of Art's Around the Table exhibition series. 


More about the speakers:

Phil Ross
Ross is an artist, curator, and academic whose research based artworks and events place natural systems within a frame of social and historic contexts. He has received commissions from The Exploratorium and Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, and is an assistant professor in the Department of Art and Architecture at the University of San Francisco. Exhibitions include: Ars Electronica (2012, 2008); the Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University (2012); and the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (2008).

Rich Pell
Rich Pell works at the intersections of science, engineering, and culture. He is the founder of the Center for PostNatural History, an outreach center dedicated to the collection, documentation, and exhibition of life-forms that have been intentionally altered through selective breeding or genetic engineering. The Center for PostNatural History has a permanent exhibition facility in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and creates traveling exhibitions for museums and galleries. Pell is also a founder of the internationally acclaimed collective, the  The Institute for Applied Autonomy, and is a professor of Electronic and Time-based Arts at Carnegie Mellon University.