ZERO1 Fellowship with Sponsorship from Google


We are currently seeking artist candidates to apply for a ZERO1 Fellowship in collaboration with Google Public Policy. ZERO1 is seeking artist candidates with expertise in related fields of creative practice to apply for this unique opportunity.
Deadline July 13, 2012

This fellowship is designed around an Innovation Challenge; our charge to each candidate is to artistically consider a complex issue concerning cultural policy in an information society. The candidate will develop an original artwork that serves to interpret or illuminate the current state of difficulty associated with molding cultural policy so that it conforms to the reality of a society that is more connected with and dependent on technology than ever before.

Public policy is increasingly ill-equipped to manage a society with the kind of boundless creativity that technology like the Internet enables. The ways that people innovate, distribute and engage information is increasingly on-line, which demands a new perspective on the issues, challenges, fears and opportunities represented by on-line creativity and the technology that empowers it. The ZERO1 Fellowship is intended as a platform to artistically interpret why cultural policy issues need be addressed and how doing so impacts on-line forms of creativity. In collaboration with ZERO1 and Google, each selected Fellow, through their creative research and production, is expected to contribute to public dialog on these issues.

Each candidate is expected to formalize a line of creative research supporting the project as part of the Fellowship program. Based upon an approved project plan developed in collaboration with ZERO1 and Google, the candidate will be afforded appropriate access to resources to address the challenge. Candidates must demonstrate expertise and skill sets relative to addressing the innovation challenge.

Project duration is 6 months. Award: $10,000.

The centerpiece of the ZERO1 Garage is an interdisciplinary peer network/brain trust composed of innovation experts engaged in collaborative research and experimentation. ZERO1, in association with member partners, will define specific innovation challenges and commission artists, scientist, designers, architects, engineers, technologist, researchers, educators, and policy makers to explore unnatural collaborations, next-best opportunities, and scarce ideas that push the boundaries of creativity to reveal innovation that frames new strategies, products, opportunities, and markets. Fellows will have the opportunity to pursue their research/projects in the context of this highly interdisciplinary, peer-to-peer network and community while having access to sponsor-provided technology, resources, and expertise.

The first group of ZERO1 Fellows will be inaugurated in 2012 with five sponsored collaborations. Selected Fellows will be introduced at the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial on September 12, 2012. The central theme of a fellow's project can range from how technology policy influences cultural production and artistic experimentation, to how art can be used as a vehicle for addressing policy initiatives, impacting creativity and fostering innovation. The Fellowship Program is implemented in the context of ZERO1 public and artistic programming: including: exhibitions, creative studios, commissioned art projects, workshops, symposia and special events.

Please submit all of the following materials to
• Current professional vita
• One-page summary of a proposed creative research and/or project focus.
• Link to current work or works in progress
• Contact information for three references

Deadline July 13, 2012
Download pdf of RFQ


About ZERO1
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Through the lens of art and technology, the ZERO1 Garage will inform strategies for research, development, and creativity by provoking challenges that address the complex world in which we live. The ZERO1 Garage is envisioned as a platform for creative risk- takers from the arts and culture, business, science and academic sectors to interact, engage, and spur innovative change.
ZERO1: The Art & Technology Network is where art meets technology to shape the future. As a 21st century arts nonprofit, ZERO1 works with some of the world’s most fertile and creative minds from the fields of art, science, design, architecture, and technology to produce the ZERO1 Biennial, an international showcase of work at the nexus of art and technology. ZERO1 is also the force behind the ZERO1 Garage, where principles of artistic creativity are applied to real world innovation challenges. Part incubator, part research lab, part think tank, the ZERO1 Garage informs strategies for research, development, and creativity. To find out more about ZERO1, visit

About Google Public Policy
Google’s goal with international, federal, state and local governments, is simple: defend the Internet as a free and open platform for information, communication, and innovation. With that mission in mind, our team is focused on key issues like innovation, the economic impact of the web, open Internet and broadband access, privacy, security, intellectual property, freedom of expression, competition, and clean energy. We want our users to know what we’re saying and why, and to help us refine and improve our policy positions. We’re actively working with government officials, policymakers, NGOs, academics, trade groups and others to shape legislation, influence dialogue, and build a network of friends and supporters.

The Internet policy world is evolving quickly, and new issues seem to arise each day. Our goal is to be a voice for our users in public policy debates and make sure that the Internet continues to flourish.