OpenLab Workshop - Blue Trail Project

Blue Trail Project
Produced by Lisa Zimmerman, curated by Laura Cassidy-Rogers
and directed by Jennifer Parker
Installation of Blue Trail Project Posters + Film   

Project Description:
Come learn about the Blue Trail Project. The Blue Trail blends art, design, tech and science for a trailblazing new approach with a range of innovative, interdisciplinary programs and projects to raise awareness of the ocean crisis and engage the public in new and imaginative ways. Despite a growing awareness of “green,” most people are unaware that our actions are polluting, depleting and killing the biodiversity of the ocean—or that we can make a difference. The ocean crisis is at a tipping point—the time for “blue” is now.

Since our launch in June 2012 we have:

•   Produced a first-of-its-kind Design Jam, providing an exciting laboratory for collaboration and innovation among artists, designers, tech experts and scientists.

•   Inspired 30 imaginative proposals for ocean engagement installations from both acclaimed and emerging artists and designers –see some of the runners up posted by Fast Company

•   Built a growing interdisciplinary community of institutions and individuals including California Academy of Sciences, United Nations Safe Planet Campaign, Port of San Francisco and UC Santa Cruz OpenLab

Chat with the artists and learn about how we are turning the tide by using creative and dramatic methods to engage the public around ocean sustainability.

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