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CADRE Laboratory Go to ISEA Istanbul

This September CADRE Laboratory alumni, Thomas Asmuth and James Stone will be presenting a workshop the  Touchstone project to the International Symposium for Electronic Art 2011 (ISEA2011) in Istanbul, Turkey. Touchstone is a mobile audio tool for actors to musicians to activists and everything in between. Touchstone is a glove with an embedded device known as a tactile transducer. When agents wearing a Touchstone glove place their hand onto an object, it is transformed into loudspeaker. The device is very mobile, discrete, and can be plugged into any audio source that will take a 1/8 inch mono or stereo jack. Touchstone is an Open Source Hardware platform and the plans will be publicly available for sharing, development, and remixing. Asmuth and Stone are using the social network fundraising web site, Kickstarter as a place to gather donations to the project. Please see:

ZER01 presents Art/Technology: In Conversation - Future of Play II with Ken Eklund and Sibley Verbeck


by Dorothy Santos

“He thought, too, about his need for a real animal; within him an actual hatred once more manifested itself toward his electric sheep, which he had to tend, had to care about, as if it lived. The tyranny of an object, he thought. It doesn’t know I exist. Like the androids, it had no ability to appreciate the existence of another. He had never thought of this before, the similarity between an electric animal and an andy. The electric animal, he pondered, could be considered a subform of the other, a kind of vastly inferior robot. Or, conversely, the android could be regarded as a highly developed, evolved version of the ersatz animal. Both viewpoints repelled him”.

~ Philip K. Dick, excerpt from his novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

YourTour spreads to Philadelphia

YourTour has signed with Philadelphia CVP Partners to help international travelers plan and book their next vacation to Philadelphia. ZER01 used YourTour during the 2010 01SJ Biennial to help visitors plan their experience at the Biennial. They are an online travel planning solution that allows users to create a detailed travel itinerary and customize each element from the attractions/events (arts, sports, family, etc) to which hotel they want to stay at.  They will be partnering with the Philadelphia CVB to integrate a white label solution of YourTour’s trip planning technology into the website of This innovative web application will enable travelers to build and book customized travel itineraries around Philadelphia.

Check them out at

Vote for Scott Kildall's Google Art Heist

Scott Kildall's proposed project Google Art Heist — an art intervention into Google Art Project enabling anyone to "steal" artworks as they explore prominent museums on the web, has made it into the final round of voting for this year's Rhizome Commission.

There is one more day of voting so cast your votes today here!

Good Luck Scott!

The Future of Play, The Future of Conversation

We are so excited to have the game artist Ken Eklund a.k.a Writerguy who did the Zorop project during 2010 01SJ and Sibley Verbeck founder of StreamJam and Electric Sheep Company.

You may be interested in attending this event virtually. If you are below are the many ways you can be part of the conversation.

Friday June 24th Broadcast time begins at 7:30 PM PST, you can create an simple Avatar to chat, dance and play with others simply by entering the event in some of the links below.

1. Watch on our Ustream channel and chat using a variety of Social Media tools.

2. Watch and use your avatar directly on Stream Jam. Search for event Art/Tech: In Conversation


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