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How Artists and Scientists Collaborate

ZER01's Joel Slayton will join Irène Hediger,  Co-Director of the Swiss artists-in-labs program at the Institute for Cultural Studies in the Arts (ICS) at the Zurich University of the Arts, Susan Schwartzenberg, an independent artist and holds a senior artist position at the Exploratorium, and Peter Lang, a Swiss artist living in Berlin under the name Pe Lang to discuss how to navigate the boundary and reap the benefits of bot

h disciplines.

The evening ends with a sound performance from Pe Lang called Untitled II involving cylindrical tubes, nylon strings, and motors.

San Jose Convention Center: Call for public art submissions

News of another exciting artist call have just reached our ears. If you are an artist from the US or hold a US work permit take a look at the San Jose Public Art Program call for submissions. They are seeking an artist or artist team to design, fabricate and install an artwork as part of the renovation and expansion of the San José Convention Center.

ZER01 Receives $500k from new ArtPlace Initiative

ZER01 and 1st ACT Silicon Valley have received $500k each from a new initiative by ArtPlace - an unprecedented collaboration among 11 major foundations, 7 federal agencies and the NEA.  The 1st round of grants totaled $11.5 million and was distributed to 34 locally-initiated projects across the country.

Seeded by an ever-present vision to bring artists and technologists together to question, explore, and play with the “possibilities”, The ZER01 Garage, where principles of artistic creativity are applied to real world innovation challenges, seeks to achieve three important goals:

  1. Place making for San Jose that mirrors the innovation and creativity of the region
  2. Fostering a more resilient world
  3. ZER01’s long term sustainability

The ArtPlace initiative has made the ZER01 Garage possible.  The excitement internally and amongst our supporters is palpable.  We look forward to sharing our progress, bumps in the road, and results over the next year as we navigate the zigs and zags that shape our trajectory to success.

Come Out & Play Festival Call for Submissions

Help turn San Francisco into a giant playground with the second annual Come Out & Play Festival!

Started in New York City in 2006, and the first festival of its kind in the world, it provides a forum for new types of public games and play by bringing together players eager to interact with their environment and designers producing innovative new games and experiences.  While the 2011 festival promises to host all manner of street games, pervasive games, location-based games, and alternative sports, submissions from artists and other cultural influencers exploring game design in new ways are also encouraged.

Deadline: September 15

Go see it, Check it out, Read it

With so many amazing events, programs, projects, art, you-name-it, it is hard to keep track. I will start to gather what comes through my screen and let you know about it. Also if you spot something worth yelling about please tweet me @01SJ or email me and I’ll take a look at it. That being said here is my cool list this week.


The Importance of Story Telling and Innovation

Wednesday, 9.7 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM in Palo Alto, CA

This has a dinner associated with it, fun to chow and tell stories.

Palo Alto International Film Festival



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