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The Body Organic: Recreating Gesture through Digital Art ~ Part I


Art relies on the body as a means to produce. Painting and sculpting are overt examples of the solitary and traditional artist. As the world grows more interconnected through the internet and mobile devices, new media artists are finding ways to incorporate the body as a means of art production. The viewer becomes the participant in the art making. Scott Snibbe takes gesture to an incredible new meaning. From immersive environments to Björk’s latest all app album Biophillia, Snibbe redefines art, technology, interactivity, and connectivity.

Upgrade SF!

Come Out and Play

October 29-November 6, COAPSF presents over 15 free street games that promise to turn our city into a giant playground.  Sample from a range of innovative scavenger hunts, obstacle courses, alternative sports, installations, technology-based games, and more.  Bring friends, sturdy shoes, a Nerf Gun, and a sense of adventure.  Schedule and details at

Finding Inspiration at PSFK Conference

It's often a good idea to step outside your field to check out what's happening in other professions around you.  I attended the PSFK Conference in San Francisco yesterday and was impressed with what I heard. There are great stories being created and shared by companies ranging from ad agencies like Wieden + Kennedy to nonprofits like 826 National.  The common thread seems to be making a difference; building a better world.  Sound familiar (Build Your Own World)?

Somewhat of a 'creative' groupie myself, I was a thrill to hear and meet the likes of Yves Behar and Rod Shuham.  Now I'm hatching plans for how to engage them in the ZER01 Garage. Stay tuned...

Natalie Jeremijenko Among Most Influential Designers in Us

The October issue of Fast Company is just named the Co.Design 50 - the 50 most influential designers in America.  Number 24 is none other than ZER01 Biennial artist alum, Natalie Jeremijenko.

Of Natalie Fast Company says: "She explores the limits of technology with art projects including robot dogs that report on environmental conditions."

You go girl.


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