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For the ZERO1 music lovers by Emma Polster

Four amazing bands that will play the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial Street Festival:

Denizen by Emma Polster

Coexisting with wildlife is an unavoidable part of living in the hills and less-trafficked sections of the Bay Area. The coyote is a native animal to California and despite the human development, found specifically in the Silicon Valley, the coyote has been able to thrive by adapting to it’s new surroundings. A group of Midwest based artists, eve Warnock, Tina Matthews, and Colin McDonald, focus on the coyote as the primary subject for their latest collaborative work, performance piece, Denizen.

About Teri Nguyen, The Super Social One

The first time I met Teri, fellow ZERO1 Art Ambassador, was at Mashable’s Social Media Day in San Francisco. Teri texted me the following: “ I’m the one wearing a blue shirt, striped socks, and a pink flower.” Once I spotted her (it wasn’t that hard), she immediately introduced me to some people she just met at the event, which was kind of overwhelming since it was my second networking event. It seems normal for Teri, which doesn’t surprise me. In getting to know Teri well, I learned she’s quite shy and reserved yet one of her most noticeable qualities is her ability to express enthusiasm when engaging with new friends and collaborators.

Retratos de Ciudad

The new exhibition at MACLA/Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana, Retratos de Ciudad (City Portraits) by Marcos Ramirez ERRE , is now open in the SoFa district of downtown San Jose.

Greetings from Silicon Valley

For many years travelers have sent postcards from the places they visit. Postcards usually depict a touristic landmark or a well known place that connects with the sender so much as to share it with someone else. What if Silicon Valley had its own postcard? San Francisco artist and ZERO1 Biennial veteran, Imin Yeh set out to create the authentic Silicon Valley souvenir. Greetings from Silicon Valley is an invitation for anyone to create an artistic memento, a postcard, that portrays the Silicon Valley from the people that know it best.


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